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Here is Gyeongsan Museumware you can meet the breath of history and culture in the city
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    • Gyeongsan Museum picture   Welcome to the homepage of Gyeongsan Municipal Museum.
      Gyeongsan Museum is established to renew the glorious Apdok culture inheriting the spirit of three sages of Wonhyo, Seolchong and Ilyeon, and to recognize that today’s splendid culture of Gyeongsan is based on the people’s faith seen in Gyeongsan Palgongsan(Mt.) and Gyeongsan Jaindano etc., the strong spirit of the loyal troops who protected the land at the time of Japanese Invasion of Korea in 1592, and the latent energy of the general Kim Yushin and Apdok people who achieved the unification of three nations.

      Gyeongsan Museum, since it opened on February, 2007, has been contributed to the educational aspect of Gyeongsan by collecting, preserving and showing academic data related to the history, art, folk, industry, science, archaeology, art works, literature and nature. And we are trying hard to bear comparison with other facilities that study and research the subjects.

      Here, the homepage will help you to understand the culture of Gyeongsan, feel the affection of the old Gyeongsan people on their native place, and to experience the culture. I hope you could have useful experience with Gyeongsan culture as much as you can here.

      Thank you.
      October 2012
      Jo chan-ho
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