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Here is Gyeongsan Museumware you can meet the breath of history and culture in the city
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      A Journey Back in Time - Exhibition Hall 1 contains exhibits on Agricultural Living, Seasonal customs and the Calling Activities of Gyeongsan. There is a miniature display of Gyeongsan in the 1960s to profide a chance to compare with the present,various kinds of farming tools to peep into the agridultural life of Gyeongsan, and a shamanist ritual topray for rain, and the common beliefs of village residents concerning water. It also revives the seasonal customer and folk plays that are regularly repeated every year. There are videos of daily life on a farm, a traditional house, belief in the family diety, paper produced at Songrim-ri, Yongseong-myeong, three-diemensional images of the traditional market, and interesting stories transmitted by word of mouth etc.
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      Exhibition Hall 1 - 1.Agridultural Life in Gyeongsan 2.Geographical Miniature of Gyeongsan 3.Gyeongsan Jain Dano Festival 4.House Living and Clothing 5.Koeran Paper Villaage and Paper Crafts 6.Markets in Gyeongsan 7.Our Village
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