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Here is Gyeongsan Museumware you can meet the breath of history and culture in the city
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      Gyeongsan in the age of Joseon-In the Joseon section there are of geographical Publications such as Shinjeung Donggukeo jiseungram and Gyeongsaneupji ect. and Buncheongsagi(a grayish-blue-powered celadon)and white porcelain furnace site at Eumyang-fi,wachon-myeon. There are also old books related to Hyanggyo and Seowon, an edudation institution of Joseon, a siddle used by General Choi-Mun-byeong who Played actively as a leader of camouflage troops at the time of Japaneses Invasion of Korea in 1592 (treasure no.747) and the restoration of Gyeongsan Sajikdan found at Nobyeon-dong are exhibited.
      Exhibition Hall2 Picture
      Exhibition Hall2- 1.Chronological table Gyeongsan 2.Gyeongsan in the age of Joseon 3.Gyeongsan in the age of Goryeo and United Shilla 4.Relics of Apryang and Gobun(old tomb)
      Relics on exhibition
      Gyeongamjip(敬菴集) Chwijukdangilgo
      Haedong Map Buncheongsagi
      plate Gyoengsan
      Janghonggo is
      White porcelain bottle

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