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  • festival
    • Customs and folk plays of Gyeongsan reflecting people's general life succeeded among folks
      folkgame picture   gyeongsan Jain Dano Festival
      General Han is said to have lived in the age of Shilla or Goryeo, but it is not certain.
      He is the guardian deity of the region and every region built a shrine and worshipped him.
      One day, a group of Japanese invaders encamped at Docheonsan(到天山) and harassed the people. General Han disguised himself as a woman with his sister at Beodeulmot Bank, the hillside of Docheonsan, and danced with
      a flower coronet on his head. Clowns surrounded him and the bystanders danced to the melody delightfully. Among the dancing bystanders were some of the invaders. They also danced gaily.
      Suddenly, the General, who was dancing, drew a sword and shouted to defeat the Japanese invaders. In the hands of the bystanders, who were disguised as women and shamans, knifes flashed. The clowns and bystanders were in fact all soldiers under General Han. This is the origin of Yeowonmu, and Hanjanggunnori (General Han’s play) is now intangible cultural treasure No.44. This event is celebrated every May 5th on the lunar calendar.
      Jain Dano- Hanjanggunnori (General Han’s play) consists of Hanmyodaeje, Yeowonmu, Pal-gwangdaenori, Keungut, expedition parade, Gyejeong Deulsori performance, hair washing with water inflused with sweet flags, wrestling match and swings etc.
      Gatbawi picture   Gatbawi Festival
      This festival is held to provide tourists who visit treasure No.431 Gatbawi, which is famous as a place for praying wishes, with various things to see and to eat, and to pray for their dearest wish in the splendid natural environment around Gatbawi.
      It is held at Daehan-ri (the whole place around Gatbawi), Wachon-myeon in the middle of October for 2~3 days, and consists of various events such as folk food festival, wishing festival, Gatbawi singing contest and paper lantern festival etc.
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