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  • cultural assets

      The main temple of Hwanseongsa (temple)


      Buddhist building (temple)


      The main temple of Hwanseongsa

      1 B/D


      The precinct of Hwanseongsa, 150, Sagi-ri, Hayang-eup


      This is paljak tile-roofed house with 5-rooms in front and 4-room on the side. It is rather highly built on 1.6m basement and faces south. The inside is treated as Tonggan(通間), and covered with a checkered floor. Four Gojus at the back of Buldan(佛壇) form Hubulbeok(後佛壁), and there is Bogae(寶蓋), decorated with Ungung(雲宮), behind the statue of Buddha.

      Gongpo(拱包) consists of Oesamchulmok(外3出目) and Naesachulmok(內4出目). The roof is Dapogye(多包系) with Jushimpo(柱心包) at Jushim(柱心) and Gongganpo(空間包) at Jugan(柱間). The Sangbugagu(上部架構) is Oryangga(五樑架).
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