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      The saddle of Choi Mun-byeong, a leader of camouflaged troops




      saddle of Choi Mun-byeong, a leader of camouflaged troops

      1 set

      Youngcheon Choi Family

      243, Wondang-ri, Jain-myeon


      This is the saddle of Choi Mun-byeong (1557~1599) who played an active part in the resistance to the Japanese Invasion of Korea in 1592.
      The family origin is Youngcheon, the name is Iljang and the title is Seongjae.
      In 1592 (the 25th year of the King Seonjo) when the Japanese invaded Joseon, he gathered camouflage troops at Hyangri, and defeated the enemy at Cheonjangsan, and in cooperation with another leader, Park Gyeong-jeon, he defeated the enemy at Dugok, Seonam, and Gajihyeon etc.
      The saddle is well preserved and has all the accessories such as Deungja, Baetti, and Godeulgae etc.
      It has relatively complete form, and the size is 56×39×34㎝. It is assumed to have been manufactured in the 1590s.

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