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  • cultural assets

      Seonbonam Samcheung-seoktap (three-storey stone tower)

      United Shilla

      Buddhist tower

      Tangible Cultural asset


      Seonbonam Samcheung-seoktap

      1 unit

      Seonbonsa (temple)

      Mountain 41, Daehan-ri, Wachon-myeon


      It is a three-storey stone tower made in the age of United Shilla. It was once abandoned on the hillside between Gwanbong Seokjo Yeoraejwasang and Seonbonsa, but was restored in 1979 and has survived until now.
      As for the stone tower, a three-storey tower was built on a double basement. On the top and bottom stereobate, there are Taengju(撑柱) and Unju(隅柱) two each which gave it double supports.
      At the body stone, two Ujus were engraved on four sides, and the support of Okgaeseok(屋蓋石) is 5-layered, and two-layered support was made at the top. There is no Tapjae more than Noban(露盤), and there is Sarigong (舍利孔), a hole to contain Sari at the 1st storey.
      The total height is 4.6m.
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