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  • cultural assets

      Wooden Samjonbul-jwasang, Gyeongheungsa(temple)

      Joseon Dynasty

      Statue of Buddha

      Tangible cultural asset


      Wooden Samjonbul-jwasang, Gyeongheungsa (temple)

      3 units


      806, Sanjeon-ri, Namcheon-myeon


      This is wooden Amita Samjonbul-jwasang(木造阿彌陀三尊佛坐像), which was made in the middle period of Joseon and enshrined in the main temple.
      The main statue is Amitabul(阿彌陀佛) sitting in a full lotus position, Nabal(螺髮), small round Naegye at the vrown of the head, and Samdo(三道) on the neck.
      The sacerdotal robe is Tonggyeon(通肩) and the wrinkles are typically expressed.
      The Bosal-jwasangs on the right and left are wearing splendid crowns, and the hair flowing on both sides is surrounding two ears and left on the shoulder without any decoration.
      Based on the Joseongkimun(造成記文) of Bokjangki(腹藏記) that was found in Gaegeumbulsa(改金佛事), it can be assumed that it was formed in the 22nd year of the King Injo (1644). The height of the main statue is 158㎝, and the heights of the assistant Bosals on the right and left are 126cm each.
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