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  • cultural assets

      Jain Gyejeong-deulsori



      Intangible cultural asset


      Jain Gyejeong-deulsori



      3-2, Seobu-ri, Jain-myeon


      It is a collection of Deulsori that was once sung in the farming season around the whole area of Jain-myeon, which was called as ‘a western village of Shilla’, and the singers consisted of six leaders and seventy-eight followers. There are ‘Deuljishin Balgi’ for good harvest, ‘Eosaingi(Eosayong)’ for wood cutting in the mountain, ‘Mokdo sori’ for delivering stones or piling banks, ‘Manggaesori’ for hardening pond banks, ‘Boyeoksa sori’ for making a waterway of Bo(洑), ‘Moggineun sori’ for raising rice plants, ‘Moshimgi sori’ for rice planting, ‘Nonmaegi sori’ for rice paddy weeding, and ‘Metajak sori’ for gathering grains.
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