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      Gyejeong Forest of Jain





      Gyejeong Forest, Jain, Gyeongsan



      12 lots besides 68, Seobu-ri, Jain-myeon


      Gyejeong Forest is located beside the national road between Gyeongsan City and Jain. It is a natural forest in a hill district.
      At present, Chionanthus retuasa Lindl is the main tree, and there are lots of deciduous trees and broadleaf trees including Korean dogwood, zelkova serrata and ulmus parvifolia jacq, etc.
      In the forest, there are the flag, shrine of General Han and monumental hall of General Han’s play. Also, the main building of the Jain Office, a traditional local governmental office in the age of Joseon has been preserved here. It is a natural site that shows the types of trees that were around Gyeongsan long ago.

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