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  • cultural assets

      Gyeongsan Hyanggyo (Daeseongjeon, Sammun)


      Hyanggyo (a Confucian Temple and a school belonging to it)

      Cultural Asset data


      Gyeongsan Hyanggyo (Daeseongjeon, Sammun)

      2 B/Ss

      Gyeongbuk Hyanggyo Foundation

      62, Shingi-dong


      It was first built in the old Gyo-dong in 1390, and rebuilt at the new Gyo-dong in 1681 after it was lost in when the Japanese invaded in 1592.
      In 1997, it was moved to Jungbang-dong, the current location, according to the expansion of road. Daeseongjeon and Sammun are appointed to Cultural Asset data no.105.
      Daeseongjeon is grambrel rof tile-roofed house with 3-rooms in the front and 3-room on the side.
      The furniture is Hamikgong (三翼工), Jushimpogye (柱心包系) of Oryang family.
      Jeongshinmun(正神門), the Sammun(三門) is 3-room (front) and 1-room(side) scaled gambrel-rof tile-roofed house. The top of columns are decorated with Iikgong(二翼工) of Oeilchulmok(外一出目), which is uncommon.

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