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      Jain Hyanggyo



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      Jain Hyanggyo

      7 B/Ds

      Gyeongbuk Hyanggyo Foundation

      230, Gyochon-ri, Jain-myeon


      It was built in 1562, but destroyed when the Japanese invaded in 1592. Afterwards, it was moved to the edge of Docheonsan (Mt), and then moved again, to the current location, in 1728.
      Hyanggyo is located on a low hill to the right of Jain Elementary School. In the front, there is Moseongru(慕聖樓), a two-storey tower, and it is typical Jeonhakhumyo-type distribution by locating Myeongryundang(明倫堂), Naesammun(內三門) and Daeseongjeon(大成殿) in a row.
      In the front side of Myeongryundang, there used to a Dong·Seojae(東·西齋), but currently, only Dongjae remains, and on the left front of Daeseongjeon, there is Jegigo(祭器庫, storehouse of dishes used in religious services).

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