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  • cultural assets

      Hayang Hyanggyo (a Confucian temple and a school belonging to it)



      Cultural asset data


      Hayang Hyanggyo

      8 B/Ds

      Gyeongbuk Hyanggyo Foundation

      158, Gyo-ri, Hayang-eup


      On the sloped land, Waesammun(外三門), Myeongryndang(明倫堂), Naesammun(內三門), and Daeseongjeon(大成殿) were built in a row, and at the back of Myeongryundang, thereis Dong·Seojae(東·西齋) and in the front of Daejseongjeon, there are Jeonsacheong(典祀廳) and Gimulgo (器物庫).
      Unique point is the location of Dong·Seojae(東·西齋). It is common to locate it in the front of Myeongryundang in Jeonhakhumyo-type construction, but Hayang Hyanggyo located it at the back of Myeongryundang. Daeseongjeon is gambrel rof tile-roofed house with 3-rooms in the front and 3-rooms on the side. And Myeongryundang is gambrel rof tile-roofed house with 5-rooms in the front and 2-rooms on the side.
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