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      Gyeongsan Guyeonjeong





      Gyeongsan Guyeonjeong

      1 building

      Samgo clan, Shicksonggongpa of Cheongdo Kim Family

      176-1, Nae-ri, Jinryang-myeon


      This pavilion was built by Jikhae(直齋) Kim Ik-dong(金翊東), and located on the cliff of Geumho riverside, at the back of Daegu University.
      It is a ‘2-rooms in the front, 2-rooms on the side’ scaled Paljak tile-roofed house. On the map, the front faces the Northeast, which is overlooking the Geumhogang (river). The front part is the main floored room, and the back part is an underfloor-heated room. At the back of the underfloor-heated room, a narrow wooden veranda was established to make it easy to access the pavilion.
      The columns are round, and the top is decorated with iikgong(二翼工)
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