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  • cultural assets

      Geumho Seowon (auditorium), Buho-ri, Hayang

      Modern times/the Japanese Colonization

      Seowon (auditorium)

      Cultural asset data


      Geumho Seowon, Buho-ri, Hayang

      1 unit (Gwak)

      Jubugong clan of Hayang Heo Family

      114, Buho-ri, Hayang-eup


      This is an auditorium to enshrine the mortuary tablet of Mungyeonggong(文敬公) Heo Jo(許稠).
      Entering in to the Waesammun(外三門) framed as Jundomun(遵道門), the Sugyodang(修敎堂), an auditorium, is located in the front, and there is Seonggyengjae(誠敬齋), gambrel-rof tile-roofed 4-room house at the left side of the inner court.?
      At the sloped land of the right, a shrine is located facing Seonggyeongjae. Around the shrine, additional space is made by surrounding terrace made of soil and stone. In the front of the terrace, Naesammun(內三門), 3-room general gate.

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